JP Module Carousel

Setting up shop.

first, make sure the module is installed. See the installation article for some help. Jpmodulecarousel can be found in the module manager. A demo form will be pre-installed to show the functions and capabilities. You are free to change this into your first real module-carousel, or start a new one.

To create your first slider take the following steps (ca. 8 minutes).

Step 1. Creating a holder for your slides to show.

  • In the module manager choose New.
  • Select Jpmodulecarousel Best jpmodulecarousel ever!
  • Give it a Title like; Sliderholder homepage (make it anything you want)
  • Alternative layout must be 'Main'.
  • Fill in the position in the module, make something up and remember this for the coming 5 minutes.
  • Select the position in your template where you want to show the carousel. (standard Joomla)
  • Make sure the status is set to published.
  • Then go to the tab Menu Assignment, make sure the pages are selected where you want the slider to show.

Step 2. Create your first slide.

  • In the module manager choose New.
  • Select Jpmodulecarousel Best jpmodulecarousel ever!
  • Give it a Title like; Awesome Slide1 (make it anything you want)
  • Fill in the position (on the right, the Joomla options), use the name you remembered. This should be the position of the holder.
  • Set the alternative layout to Slide or Video.
  • If set to Slide, fill in the header, introtext, and upload your image. You can also make a hyperlink to your liking. This is all optional.
  • If you alternative layout is set to Video, fill in a youtube link and the module will do the rest.

Step 3. Relax and enjoy.

  • Take a sandwich and a soft drink to celebrate your awesome modulecarousel.

Adding slides

Once the slider works you can add slides by following step 2 above. A carousel can have a mix of pictures, video's and your own modules.

Adding a module as a slide

To add a module of your own, simply open the module. And set the position to the one you created at step 1.5

Slider options


Setting loop to yes will let the slider start from the beginning after reaching the last slide.


This is the margin in pixels between the slides, this will only occur when multiple slides are shown simultaneously.
When only 1 slide is viewable the margin can be best set to 0.

Allow videos?

Show navigation bullets

Pretty self explanatory, this will show a circle per slide that can be used as navigation.

Use lazyload

By default set to Yes. We advise to leave it on, there is as good as no reason to turn this off.

Autoplay? (speed)

This sets the time in milliseconds between animations. To turn autoplay off set it to False (0).

Pause on hover

By default set to Yes, this will make sure a slide doesn't slide when you're hovering over de holder with your mouse.

Center slides

When multiples slides with different sizes are used in a single carousel this will make sure that the slides are centered as good as possible.

Show navigation 

Show or hide the navigation arrows.