JP Forms

How do I add form fields?

Go to Extensions > Form manager.
Choose the from you want to edit.
Go to the tab Form fields.

Below the current fields press the button +add.
An empty form field will be added.

The order can be changed by dragging it to the desired position.

The form doesn't show, what to do?

The component is so secure that in case of a failure it gives a sublime error message (most of the times). A couple of common issues are:

  • The usage of 2 or more identic labels, they all have to be unique.
  • You're trying to load 2 forms on 1 page.
  • The form is depublished.
  • The form is not loaded in a position that is displayed in the frontend.
  • The menu assignment in the module is set to the wrong pages.

Where is the save button in the editor?

You don't need one, everything will be saved on the fly.

How do I delete a form field?

There are two easy ways to delete a form field.

  1. Make the label field empty and save the form. All the fields with empty labels will be deleted
  2. Press the 'delete' button on the right of the editor to delete the fields one at the time.

How can the response e-mail be edited?

In the module (Jpforms Module) go to the tab E-mail options, here you can change the details.
-From name
-From address
-Send mail to admin
-e-mailaddress admin
-Subject Admin e-mail
-E-mail text (with limited HTML support and the possibility to make the message personal)
-Show form summary
-BCC Address
-Logo for in the mail, we advice to keep this one small.

I lost my .zip with the component, help.

You can login to download the newest version.
If that's not possible you can send us a request at the, we'll make sure to do our best for you and send you a fresh copy.

How does the validation for IBAN, Telephone and e-mail work exactly?

The validation that is used to check the form type fields is standard 'not empty'. For some special types we use extended validation.

var reg = /^[a-zA-Z]{2}[0-9]{2}[a-zA-Z0-9]{4}[0-9]{7}([a-zA-Z0-9]?){0,16}$/;

var telReg = /^((\+|00(\s|\s?\-\s?)?)31(\s|\s?\-\s?)?(\(0\)[\-\s]?)?|0)[1-9]((\s|\s?\-\s?)?[0-9]){8}$/;

var emailReg = /^([\w-\.]+@([\w-]+\.)+[\w-]{2,4})?$/;